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  • The Fight to Reform Campaign Finance Laws Continues
    The summer and fall months of 2013 are shaping up to play an important role in the fight to reform our broken campaign finance system. Check out our latest blog post for additional details of what is happening with this issue.

  • League Asks Senators to Oppose Changes to Contribution Limits
    The League joined coalition partners in sending a letter to the U.S. Senate. The letter calls on the Senate to oppose efforts to restore the party soft money system. It also asks the Senate to oppose increasing the limits on the aggregate amounts that an individual can give to parties or candidates. letter

  • League Calls on President Obama to Lead the Fight on Climate Change
    Today, the League sent a letter to President Obama asking him to lead the fight for climate change. President Obama can take steps to limit harmful pollutants, using his existing regulatory authority to save lives and our environment. President Obama has the power to lead the U.S. and the world through the greatest environmental challenge of our generation. Tell the President to lead the fight on this important issue here and read our statement.

  • League Continues Push to Fix the FEC
    The League joined with coalition partners to again call on President Obama to fix the Federal Election Commission (FEC). The FEC is currently operating with five commissioners serving expired terms and three commissioners that refuse to uphold campaign finance laws that they disagree with.

  • Potentially Misleading Campaign Ads from Outside Groups Flood the Nation's Television Airwaves.
    Non-candidate (3rd Party) TV ads are flooding our airwaves, threatening to spread misinformation, and leaving voters confused and disgusted. To educate citizens about the facts of such ads, the LWV is partnering with the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania on a Truth in Campaign Advertising project.

    Link to Truth in Campaign Advertising

  • White House Responds to Petition Regarding the FEC
    Back in March the League joined with coalition partners on a petition asking the Obama Administration to appoint new commissioners to the Federal Election Commission (FEC). The petition gathered more than 27,000 signatures, some 2,000 signatures above the required threshold for a response from The White House. On Friday, over four months after we reached the signature threshold, The White House finally responded to our petition. The League is very disappointed in the Administration's response to this serious issue. In return, the League and its partners expressed their deep disappointment to the Administration.

  • Voter Roll Purging
    It appears that the latest voter suppression strategy being implemented in several states involves the systematic purging of eligible voters from voter rolls. This Washington Post article explains how this is playing out in Florida. Watch for similar activities in your own community. Or better yet, go in and meet with your local elections officials to find out what they're doing to prevent the erroneous purging of voter rolls.

  • Fighting Voter Suppression with Facts
    Rolling Stone Magazine's "The Voter Fraud Myth Debunked" provides a good summary of what voter suppression supporters claim and what was actually found.